Photographic Services for Weddings in Genoa

Claudio Onorato is a photographer of weddings and ceremonies especially active in Genoa but also throughout the province. With over 25 years of career behind him the experience leads him to immediately understand the unstoppable flow of emotions, making you protagonists of the narration of your wedding. his style favors spontaneity, which makes an emotion, a smile, a look more true.
He does not ask and does not look for poses, he seizes the moment. The story of a marriage is born before the wedding, from the meeting in the house of the spouses, from the story of their life. A photo shoot is not improvised but is built over time and with the contribution of everyone.

Marriage, unique emotion

Genoa, with its roughness and the romantic life of the carrugi, is the ideal setting for marriage. But it is not enough, the film of your life deserves an expert director who is able to bring out what is most important, the joy in choosing you, the unstoppable strength of your yes.
The photographer is the theatrical director of emotions, he who assembles and restores a soul to images. The photos will remain forever as a testimony to the most important day of your life. You deserve a unique conductor, who manages to frame all the elements of the party and the happiness you are about to live.
Emotion, happiness, feeling must be undisputed protagonists, they must almost come to steal the scene. We did not marry only that day, but all our life.

The places of the wedding

Tying a place to a particular day, experiencing the vibrations that come from the streets that have seen our happiness born can be an added value to the photo shoot. Claudio honored can propose a great variety of places to be used as background for the photo shoot, like Alassio, Bussana Vecchia, Camogli.
But the couple choose the location they prefer. The photographer's job is to find the ideal frame for the photo shoot for your inimitable wedding.
Be free, let yourself go and smile!

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