The photo shoot for the wedding

For your wedding, entrust it to a professional photographer. Avoid improvisation or those who have no published work; marriage is a unique parenthesis in life, if you miss the photos that day there is no possibility of going back.
Choose the art and experience of Claudio Onorato and his team. The photo shoot will be unforgettable and will make the happiness of that fantastic day shine. Flashes, sighs, feelings will have a role and a special space within the photo shoot for your wedding.
The collaboration with the spouses
The photographic services provide for collaboration with the spouses. The professional photographer is the one who leaves nothing to chance and is concerned with immediately creating a cordial relationship and collaboration with the spouses. This is why Claudio Onorato meets them first, goes to their home and devotes time to mutual knowledge. To create harmony and to put the future spouses at ease.
All this is then reflected in the work and gives rise to a better result.


How to make a photo shoot for the wedding

We will make you the leading role in the ceremony and the day. We will follow you and precede you. The photo shoot includes many aspects, the study of brightness, the attention to the outline, the preparation of cameras and relex cameras for video shooting, the preparation of the drone for shooting areas. More what happens next; post production, choice of photos and album, dedications. All studied in detail.

The places of the wedding

Tying a place to a particular day, experiencing the vibrations that come from the streets that have seen our happiness born can be an added value to the photo shoot. Claudio honored can propose a great variety of places to be used as background for the photo shoot, like Alassio, Bussana Vecchia, Camogli. but the couple choose the location they prefer. The photographer's job is to find the ideal frame for the photo shoot for your inimitable wedding. Be free, let yourself go and smile.

The technical staff

Making a photo shoot for wedding can require a more or less consistent staff. It may include the use of drones for aerial photography or the use of relex cameras, which allow processing based on the 4 k system, higher than current standards, for a clearer and more precise image.
Or, depending on the preferences and requests of the spouses, you can opt for a video that goes on the out of focus and makes it pleasant, sopredente as a treasure in the chest.
The technical solutions are really many and all different from each other. We are able to propose solutions for every type of request.


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