Photo album for wedding

The photo album is the end of a personal journey. We can create your personalized album in a traditional way or proposing more technological solutions. The end result will be the same and will be what we will look for in our daily work, your personal satisfaction more complete and complete. The wedding day is the most beautiful of life, we will be happy if you will remember with pleasure. The photos taken during the wedding are destined to an album, to challenge the memory and become pages of life to browse one day, near or far. We thought of a different solution, able to capture the attention of a demanding and traditional public at the same time.

The photo book

The photo book combines the explanatory beauty of a professional photo with the graphics of a perfect print and soft colors. By choosing this format you will give the right exaltation to the image - photo, the pages of your life will become elements of the book. In the photo book there are no pages glued on paper, but photos that become pages, ready to be admired.
The graphic solutions will make the book even more pleasant to browse. The appropriate binding will make it an object to admire even closed. It is a solution that combines modernity and tradition, form and content

The classic album

For lovers of classicism we offer the paper album, a real treasure to be rediscovered to watch the treasure that it holds. Do not think of big, old, folders, dusty and yellowed. Think instead of new solutions, resistant cards, embroideries and artistic features. Think of you, of your happiness, of what you would like to discover in the pages you are about to scroll together.

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