Estimate photo album for wedding

Organize the album of memories, choose photos, express a preference for a certain type of material rather than another, is a very important activity that embellishes the work of the photographer and makes the wedding day immortal.
The photographer can propose solutions, help you choose the type of matte or satin paper, or the frame to insert in the video, but the decision, difficult to take, is all of the couple.

The importance of human relationship

Establishing a feeling before the ceremony helps the photographer to make the right choices during the service and to bring the most favorable choice options in the post-production phase. Professional relationships work on the basis of human relationships. It is for the same reason that we always choose nature shots and do not ask for poses, either to the spouses or to the guests, because what we like is spontaneity and naturalness.
All this is very clear from our albums and videos.

The estimate, meeting time

Developing a quote is an activity that brings into play all the professionalism of the photographer and the expectations of the spouses. It is the meeting of different sensibilities and personalities, the result of mutual knowledge and the result of everyone's work, photographer and nubendi.
That's why we want to get to know each other before and why we do not offer online quotes.

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