About us

I will capture sensations and emotions of a unique and unforgettable day, with artistic and representative photographs, working with great care and sensitivity, using extreme discretion Passion ... and experience Photographer for over twenty-five years I am passionate and specialized in wedding services. The deep experience and the technique acquired in the field of artistic photography allow me to make wedding photos as spontaneous as possible in the framing, in the choice of light and in the photogeny of the couple. Not a day goes by when you do not dedicate even a small part of my time to something that concerns photography. It is an integral part of my life and neglecting it would not be to live it fully. The story of the wedding day will begin, with the preparation of future spouses, seizing the moments and highlighting the emotions, tensions, joy and enthusiasm. I am always available to be present at the preparation of future spouses, for this I make use of the collaboration of a professional photographer colleague. I will then continue to photograph the essence of the ceremony so that the images tell the atmosphere and the sensations of religious or civil marriage. I will stay with the bride and groom until the end of the party, picking up even at the reception the emotions of happiness, of your most beautiful day, I will be present, but silent and discreet. My professionalism will be at your disposal to create an indelible memory, I will be able, photographing, to capture all the emotions and sensations in such a way that, flipping in the future the pages of your album, you will revive the moments and small details that would otherwise go lost forever. I think it is important to have a very close collaboration between future spouses and photographer, necessary to be able to grasp with the utmost professionalism, on the wedding day, the nuances linked to a particular place or a particular situation, involving affections and animals, to which the couple attaches particular importance . Equally important is the choice of location, floral decorations and animation. For this reason it would be useful to meet several times before the wedding. The end result of your photo shoot will be an appreciable balance between elegance and tradition, matched with taste, so as to fully express your style in respect of your personality.