The Photographer for your Wedding in Genoa

My story is that of a great passion that has become a profession. I have been taking pictures for a quarter of a century and I can still get excited, seize the moment, immortalize a moment, fix an image that becomes the emblem of a life. They are still the desires I have since I was a boy. I specialized in Photographic Services for Weddings, and I work in Genoa and its province. Today this passion is available to others, to make your wedding a protagonist. Today, thanks to the daily study, professional and technical updates, photographer in a different way than when I started but the passion has remained unchanged. The search for the true, the expectation of the fleeing moment are still the protagonists of my photos. The study has improved me over time and the search for perfection has led me to always look for different viewing angles. Happiness has various expressions; I look for them in the faces. The experience and the technique acquired in the field of artistic photography allow me to make wedding photos as spontaneous as possible in the framing, in the choice of light and in the photogeny of the couple.

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Claudio Onorato

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How to choose the photographer for the wedding

Sometimes it is necessary to start with empathy in order to develop a relationship. To choose the photographer of your wedding this is the first, essential, step. But it is not enough. For you it takes something unique, inimitable. Someone able to understand you with a look, able to enhance that joy that you have printed on the face, a faithful interpreter of your deepest feelings. The choice of the photographer for a wedding is one of the most important and delicate aspects. That's why you have to pay special attention to many aspects before relying on a photographer.